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Taxi 2000 (T2) designs point-to-point (P2P)
personal rapid transit systems. Our independently verified control system is the “brain” that makes the P2P, non-stop transportation system available now. No other personal rapid transit company has a functioning control system.

Using our professional services, we develop P2P transportation solutions. These solutions are based on ridership studies, route analysis, station requirements, and the transportation system needs of the client/community.

We work with leading manufacturing, engineering, and construction companies to provide the hardware and infrastructure. T2 focuses on the control system technology and simulation services for the overall P2P network layout/simulations. As part of a team, we produce a P2P transportation system to meet the client’s needs, including

• Greater accessibility
• Revitalization of urban areas
• Less congestion
• Green transportation solutions.

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Taxi 2000 (T2) Corporation
8050 University Avenue N.
Fridley, MN 55432 USA

Phone: 763.717.4310
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