Ready for Point-to-Point (P2P) Transportation 
Point-to-point transportation means non-stop travel from origin to destination. Skyweb
Express is a true P2P transportation system.

The asynchronous echo™ control system allows Skyweb Express to outperform any other PRT system. echo communicates with each individual vehicle more than ten times per second, continuously updating vehicle data. echo gives Skyweb Express;

• Complex network capability
– Less congestion
– Faster trips
– Shorter wait times
– Networks too difficult for other control systems are
easy for echo
• Enhanced safety
– Vehicles/echo adjusts to traffic conditions in
only 1/10 second
– Meets current APM standards with a
1.1 second headway
• Greater capacity
– echo provides up to three times the service
compared to other control systems on the same
size network

For more information about how Taxi 2000
professional services, including Skyweb Express
with its echo control system, can help meet your
transit needs, contact Taxi 2000.

The heart of any automated people mover system is
its control system. The Skyweb Express control system is proven in several ways:

• The Alpha system shows an actual working scale model of Skyweb Express, featuring our proprietary control system technology. This technology also operates TrakEdit, our propriety simulation software.

• Honeywell’s Advanced Technologies Division examined the system and found no technical issues
to prevent commercialization… Learn More

• T2’s proprietary simulation software, TrakEdit, simulates many possible routes to optimize the system layout, taking into account the client’s transportation system needs and ridership data. This software also operates Alpha, our working scale model.

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